Liability Insurance

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Liability Insurance

Third party liability insurance is extremely important and we recommend that all our clients take this coverage. It provides insurance when claims for compensation are brought against you as a result of damage or injury which you have negligently caused. This worldwide insurance Covers you, your partner and any children in full time education for claims for compensation resulting from your/their negligence. The policy also provides coverage when:

participating in Sports. Whilst skiing you collide with someone on the piste injuring them. The resulting damages (health costs, loss of income, compensation etc.) would be covered under your personal liability policy.

using any means of transportation, with the exception of motor vehicles. You lose control of your bicycle and collide into your neighbor's car, damaging the car's rear wing. Your personal liability policy would cover the costs to repair the car.

supervising minors. Whilst out Shopping, your child breaks free from your hand and runs across the road. A car swerves to avoid hitting them and in doing so ploughs into a parked car. Although the car insurance will pay for the initial damage to both cars, you will ultimately be held liable for the overall costs of the loss. A detailed description of all the enhancements in our extended coverage concept for the personal liability insurance can be reviewed at the end of this brochure.


1. Animal owners liability insurance

Damage and injury caused by a dog or horse is considered "strict liability" which means that unless you can prove that your animal was not at fault, you will be held liable for damages. For such claims, you should have an animal owner's liability insurance policy or you will not be insured for the resulting costs.

Damage/injury caused by other pets, such as cats, rabbits and parrots, is included under the personal, liability insurance.

2. Oil tank leekage liability insurance

If you have an oil tank (e.g. for central heating), then it is imperative that you have a liability policy specifically for oil tank leakage. The costs involved when an oil tank leaks are high and the German authorities follow strict guidelines to reduce the risk of environmental pollution which becomes a significant risk. As the tank's owner, you will be held liable for all the resulting costs and damages. (The damage to the oil tank itself is excluded.)

3. Annual premium

The annual premium for the basic tariff is: For the single tariff € 55,98, for the “family” tariff € 73,85. You can reduce the premium by installing a deductible.

Please get back to us for your individual premium for the additions to the coverage. For a detailed description of the free additional coverages which are included in the household goods insurance policy currently recommended by Hoesch & Partners see current tariff description.

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