Mit dem Hund in den Urlaub – Was muss ich machen?

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What should I do if the dog is to go on vacation? A holiday together with a beloved four-legged friend often fails because of this question and the tasks that dog owners face. There are simple solutions with which the pet can travel well protected on vacation.

What do I need to know before the holiday with a dog?

Fly or travel by car? The question that you have to ask yourself before your holiday with the dog. It is clear that flying puts much more stress on your four-legged friend than driving in a car. It depends not only on the length of the route, but also whether in your desired hotel or the dream holiday apartment dogs are allowed. So that your companion does not have to be in a dog boarding, you are well advised to start the search for your summer holiday already at the appropriate holiday accommodation. When planning, pay attention to the entry requirements for the respective holiday destination. Some countries prohibit certain dog breeds or require conditions that the dog owner must meet in advance. Special protection for the entry you get by the combination of the usual chip and the „EU pet passport“. With the chip dog and owner can be identified and documented with the EU pet passport vaccinations and treatments. Before the holiday, you should also check the necessary vaccinations for humans and animals in addition to the documents.

Another piece of luggage that has to go is the right insurance for your dog! Who goes on holiday with the dog, quickly realizes that there are numerous insurance for the faithful companion. Basically, the important components such as dog and animal surgery insurance should be completed before the trip. Take pieces of furniture in the hotel room or in the apartment by the dog damage, you are covered by the dog liability. Because dogs also require medical attention, offers an animal surgery insurance for the most extreme emergency. This minimizes the risk of having to stay private on any treatment costs. One last option, before the holiday begins, you additionally check whether the illness of the dog in your existing travel cancellation insurance is a performance-inducing factor.

What should I pay attention to during the trip?

Be it a flight or a car, always keep the papers handy for your animal companion. You decided to travel by car? Then it is recommended to follow the prescribed safety instructions, for example by a divider grid or a transport box. Failure to comply with the rules may result in severe penalties at home and abroad.

In order to be prepared for another unintentional surprise – the risk of injury in dogs – should also be taken on each trip with the dog a corresponding first aid kit. If the companion is injured, first aid can be provided immediately. It sounds so easy and yet it is very important if you are going on vacation by car: Take enough breaks and make sure there is enough water for your dog.

My dog ​​had an accident or is ill – what is to act now?

Unexpectedly (unfortunately) often comes! It is important, as in all exceptional situations, that you react calmly through thorough preparation for these situations. For example, if your dog has been hit, it is important that you call the police for accident recording and documentation, regardless of the destination. With your own photos of the accident site and vehicle you secure additional. Forward the photos and further information to your insurance broker, as he will take over the communication with the insurance company for you.

Do not forget to write down the data of the accident opponent! Often the chances are with the insurance 50:50, that the damage is taken over by the liability of the accident causer. The reason for this is that it is usually not clear whether the driver or dog is responsible for the accident. In the event that your dog needs a veterinary care or surgery, the pre-vacation animal surgery insurance is a guarantee that your dog will be helped. Wondering if your travel insurance covers such accidents? The answer is: „Not all tariffs are insured for this benefit!“ Therefore, you should discuss with your insurance broker if the trip cancellation insurance is included.


The best point of contact for inquiries is always your own insurance broker. He prepares you individually for your holiday with the dog and knows how to answer questions. In order to be able to travel carefree with the dog on vacation, it is advisable to include the beloved four-legged friend already during the search for accommodation. Who goes by car on vacation, can be found in our corresponding blog post [Link] more info.

So that you are prepared for your faithful companion at any time, in addition to the dog liability and animal surgery insurance, the EU pet passport and a first aid kit for the dog in the suitcase. Find out about country-specific entry regulations before you travel. If your dog falls ill on vacation, the interruption of the trip can usually be handled via your own insurance, of course after consultation with your insurance broker.


  • Look for holiday accommodation in which dogs are allowed, and observe the entry requirements of the countries
  • Check documents such as the EU pet passport and insurances such as dog liability and animal surgery insurance on topicality
  • Take along the transport box and first-aid kit for the dog
  • In case of an accident, please note the data of the accident opponent and inform the insurance broker immediately
  • If the trip is canceled, first consult with the insurance broker

Tip from the expert

To start carefree with the dog on vacation, check in addition to the conventional insurance your dog liability in good time on topicality. You are also well advised to check the EU pet passport and required vaccinations by visiting a veterinarian. Every animal lover knows: Even dogs need a run. If a long drive takes off, your four-legged friend is looking forward to pauses with you. To ensure that you are protected in the event of possible damage, always make a note of the data of your dog liability insurance and, in the case of accidents with the dog, the insurance numbers of the persons involved in the accident.

Before you say: „If I had known that before“, one last tip from Hoesch & Partner: We are always available to answer your questions and find flexible solutions together with you.

Your Stefan Riedmaier


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