Diebstahl im Ausland – Was leistet die Hausratversicherung im Urlaub?

The holiday is planned, but an important detail is missing: The preparation for the „worst case“!
If important documents are lost through theft abroad, the trouble is great. The long-awaited recovery time is almost becoming a nightmare. Caution is better than forbearance. We can give the all-clear, because in many cases, the household insurance is the first way to get reimbursed damage. So what should be considered?

Before the holiday: prevention!

Anyone who copies their identity papers, money and credit cards are more easily organized. Make pictures of yourself with your valuable items, such as watches or expensive clothing, before you go on vacation. You are always well advised to visually prove what is in your possession when it comes to the „worst case“. This also helps your insurance broker.

However, the type of insurance is still in existence: the household insurance since 1992 usually contains external insurance and attacks robbery or burglary. While on holiday, they are looking for a laptop or a jacket, are insured in the hotel room or apartment by an existing and covered policy. If you are robbed by the threat or use of force. What the Clown’s Too Tempting and you are now missing the clock or a ring, so this is not a case for the insurance. If, however, you can not prove the damage in the event of damage, the reimbursement limit is usually 20% of the sum insured. Basically, „No traces, no insurance claim!“

The theft has happened: act fast!

Despite the utmost caution, the thieves were successful? Now it’s time to act fast!

Immediately inform the police, so that you minimize the misfortune. In particular, the contact with your insurance broker can help you, because the first advice will be: „Take proof photos for later queries!“ Then you document with a list of steal goods, which items are missing, top credo: Staying honest! This combination ensures that any queries from the insurance company can clearly define what has been robbed. In addition, it should be noted that the local police must confirm the burglary. With substantial amounts of damage, you ensure that the eyes and ears of insurers are satisfied. This scenario usually awaits you


  1. Copy documents and make photos of the travel items
  2. Check the services of your existing household policy
  3. Household insurance only applies to robbery or burglary – „No evidence, no insurance claim“
  4. Inform the authorities and your insurance broker immediately and document the damage
  5. No matter if robbery or theft: Hoesch & Partner is here!

But now the purse what stolen and IDs or passports are gone? Going to the embassy or consulate will be inevitable if you want to return home. You do not have to cancel your holiday immediately after losing the documents!


Anyone who already copies important documents and hides small cash reserves before their vacation is prepared in the event of theft and can limit the effort involved in settling claims. In addition, we recommend that you check your insurance coverage before your holiday about how far your luggage is insured.

You have already been the victim of a theft? Then get in touch with the contacts of authorities, tour operators, banks and insurance companies as soon as possible. Do not forget your stock list! This documents the loss and facilitates subsequent communication, so you get your damage replaced.

Tip from the expert:

Before you go on vacation, consult with your insurance broker which services are covered in your insurance policies. There are insurance policies that allow additional amounts an „all-risk“ option, with which you are completely protected. Also, take pictures of expensive valuables before you leave to make the acquis clear. If it comes to robbery, it is helpful to be able to prove possible purchase receipts, in order to be able to quantify the damage value.

If you are confronted with the „worst case“, Hoesch & Partner experts will be there to help and support you in all cases. So that Hoesch & Partner can make communicating with their insurer even easier for you, our tip: Make preventative copies and photos in order to be able to act provably in the event of damage. If you have evidence of burglary or similar evidence, the insurance benefits are covered by your household policy. Because caution is still better than forbearance, it is a good idea to keep possible amounts of money and surrogate credit cards in separate locations, such as hotel safes. The risk of losing everything while on holiday is thus minimized.

Your Michael Striker and Niels Sanders


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