Household Goods Insurance

Take care of your household goods

Household Goods Insurance

Everything that is used in the home belongs under the coverage of the household goods insurance. The fixtures and fittings of the building are excluded, however fixtures which have been loosely fitted by and belong to you, the tenant, are covered.

Loss or damage caused to your household property by fire, burglary, robbery, vandalism, mains water, storm and hail is covered under household goods insurance. Bicycles are only covered under the household policy if stolen from within the locked insured premises, e.g. the bicycle is stored in a locked cellar which is broken into. Insurance is not provided for bicycles stolen from the garden, balcony, stair-well or other, unlocked areas of the insured's home. For bicycles worth more than 1 % of the total insurance sum, additional premium based upon the replacement value of the bicycle is required.

External and internal glazing (glass) such as Windows, mirrors, glass table tops, ceramic hobs, etc. can be insured under the household policy insofar as it is damaged by fire, burglary, robbery, vandalism, mains water, storm or hail. The household insurance policy will not reimburse glass which is destroyed or damaged in any other way. If you wish to have additional insurance coverage for domestic glass fittings, then an additional glass insurance policy must be purchased (Wear and tear is excluded).

The household insurance premium and level of compensation depends upon the replacement value of all the property. It is imperative that the sum insured corresponds to this value otherwise in the event of a loss you will be underinsured and the compensation paid by the insurance Company will be reduced.

Annual Premium

For household insurance, the premium amounts to € 2 for each € 1,000 of insured sum.

The premium may vary depending on your postal code. You may choose to carry a deductible to reduce the premium. Reimbursement for high value goods (precious jewelry, furs, antiques etc.) is limited to 30 % of the insured sum. If your higher value goods exceed this 30 %, please let us know.

For a detailed description of the free additional coverages which are included in the household goods insurance policy currently recommended by Hoesch & Partners see current tariff description.

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